July 29, 2015

Skylander Sunburn

sunburnWho is Sunburn?

Sunburn is the phoenix-like dragon Skylander of the Fire Element. And he is proud of this unique heritage. Sunburn can teleport from a place to the next, this is one side effect of being half phoenix and half dragon. He can also breathe streams of burning fire.

Sunburn: Power Stats

60 Strength, 65 Agility, 65 Defense, and 70 for Luck is Sunburn’s power stats. His console stats start at 280 Health (560 max), 43 Speed (83 max), 24 Armor (57 max), 30 for his Critical Hit (80 max), then 25 for his Elemental power (with 100 max).

Sunburn is the only Fire Skylader who was born right in the middle of an active volcano. He’s a 100% fire-power Skylander as he is half phoenix and half dragon. And because of this, he has always been a tempting target of the dark wizards. Like any other Skylader allies, he also participated the battle against Kaos.

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Sunburn Basic Upgrades & Special Abilities

Four basic upgrades for Sunburn:

  • Guided Teleportation controls the direction of the teleport.
  • Blazethrower upgrades Flamethrower Breath that will cause a much greater damage.
  • Phoenix Dash will enable you to perform a Phpenix Dash.
  • Immolation Inflammation upgrade leaves fire behind after teleportation and increase damage.

The Blaze Dragon and Flame Lord upgrade paths are the two paths which Sunburn can choose from to take. If he wishes to take the Flight of the Phoenix upgrade though, he just need his Soul Gem ability found in the Dragon’s peak.

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